Thursday, 5 May 2011

어린이날 - 5 May

Its Children's day in Korea and Japan today.  What's more, its a national holiday!  Woww....
In Japan, it is a day set aside to respect children's personalities and to celebrate their happiness. It was designated a national holiday by the Japanese government in 1948.

While in Korea, it was founded by the Korean children's writer Pang Chong-hwan in 1923 as a way to instill in the children a sense of independence and national pride.
Children's Day highlights the dignity of children and their need for love, care, and respect.  It is also a day to honor adults that have contributed to improving the lives of children.   Children of all ages are celebrated during Children's Day and the entire community is involved in the festivity. Many cities have parades and public activities and museums, zoos, amusement parks, and movie theaters offer free admission to children.  Traditional games, such as yut are played. Gifts are given to children from their parents and from stores that the children visit during Children's Day.

선영 and her husband brought the boys to Footprint Park today.  Footprint park is a simple park for jogging and taking a stroll.  Today, there is a flea market and many activities by private organisations.  
She sent me pictures of Sang Yoon in the park.  Ha!  I believe children in Singapore would love to have their children's day celebrated in this manner, and adults would be most happy to have this as a public holiday too.

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