Monday, 2 May 2011

가을은 빨리 오지

Its 2 May 2011 today.  Almost half a year has passed by...What have I achieved so far?  인생에서 어떤 것들은 여전히​​ 침체입니다.  하지만 난 하나님께 감사 ^^

Have been doing lots of 숙제 since last Dec to make my long time dream come true in this 가을.   Many thanks to 선영 who has given me some very useful information in my planning.  Wish I can have a long stay in 서울...내가 만약 한국에서 일할 수....16 days..nope to be exact, its only 14 days in 서울 which is definitely not enough for me...

선영 told me May is a Family month in Korea because 5 May is Children's Day.  While 8 May is Parents' Day  and 15 May is Teachers' Day.  Its a month of presents!  Sounds like X'mas ^^

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