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I love Dalki

I love Dalki.  Her big red hair caught my attention and I didn't know she is a popular Korean cartoon character in Korea until one fine day...No wonder it was love at first sight ^^  Simply becos its Korea ㅋㅋ

One thing Dalki and I have in common - we are Gemini ^^
Dalki is the title character of the franchise. She is a a troublemaker, but she is often portrayed as having a kind heart and teaching important lessons. Many of the characters in Dalki are usually seen wearing some kind of fruit costume. Dalki, which means "strawberry" in Korean, wears a strawberry shaped hat.

She shoes various tastes and styles to friends.
She is especially interested in unique fashion style and spends inconsistent lifestyle.
She believes that she has telepathy.  She has many talents and imaginative power.
She sometimes creates accidents and troubles, however she also troubleshoots troubles of others. (Most of the time, she is troublesome.)    
 She often gets absorbed to heroin of cartoon or movie.
She likes boy friend, Subak.  However, she also ignores him and is very capricious.

A selfish boy with long, yellow hair, Banana is often portrayed as playing music and being somewhat elitist. He is, however, susceptible to loneliness.
A good friend to Subak, (chestnut) is considered to be bold and positive.   However, he is afraid of puppies.
Dongchimee is a stranger who lives separate from the others. Basically he is a big, yellow man who loves poop. He thinks it is so great that he collects it, makes art from it, and even keeps it on his head at all times. "Ddong" is Korean for "poop" and "chimee" may mean poke or stick. This probably refers to the Korean prank of ddongchim - severe poking in the delicate derriere area.
The other main female character, Lemon fills the role of Dalki's good friend. She is known to be sort of a crybaby, and a bit stubborn as well, but she is also philosophical and kind.
Subak, meaning "watermelon", is the main love interest of Dalki. He is seen as simple, but he is also very popular.

Love story of Dalki Princess & Banana Prince
For Dalki princess and Banana prince, there has been a proposal of marriage by their parents. But long time ago, to Dalki princess.. She has been captivated by a man has danced with only one time who is a neighboring prince. Therefore, she doesn't open her mind to Banana prince and has been in one-sided love with neighboring prince thinking only his smile. Since Dalki thinks she could meet him someday, Dalki is always preparing meeting him adorning herself (Yoga, Ballet, Swim, Suntan, Cooking, Knitting, Shopping, Singing, Collecting shoes, Studying various hairstyle and so on)
However, Banana prince falls in love one-sidedly with Dalki because of her adorning herself. As time goes by, Banana prince' love toward her is getting bigger and bigger as watching her from afar. He thinks Dalki would understand his mind someday so that he tries to be reborn as a splendid prince researching her favorite fashion style, doing exercise for a well proportioned figure, collecting nice shoes and learning musical instruments such as guitar.
Dalki is only in love one-sidedly with neighboring prince but the prince doesn't know that. Thus Dalki is sometimes very nervous and wreak her anger on her pet, Dalgu, although she is a good-natured and warm-hearted person. Kind-hearted pet Dalgu fathoms Dalki's mind better than anybody and helps her over all. Since Dalki knows Dalgu's heart, she thinks Dalgu is her best friend and adorns it but each time she gets rid of her stress of one-sided love by wreaking her anger on it.
Subak who loves Dalki is a soldier guarding the kingdom of Dalki. Dolbam is a soldier of the kingdom of Banana. Because Dolbam loves sister of Banana, Lemon, he tries to find favor with Banana providing Dalki's information to Banana prince by harassing Subak and shadowing Dalki. Lemon likes Dalki. She is womanly and shy person and easily moved to tears. Lemon also loves Dolbam but she knows there can not be love between them because of class differences so that she doesn't express her feeling and hurt by herself. She sometimes open her heart to cat, Dalangi which comes to see her.
It seems that Dongchimee often appears for no reason, to tell the truth, he is very important character who brings a reversal of the play (As a grandfather of president who Dalki loves or the king of the kingdom..Happenings and episodes happened in the meanwhile are shown concretely, it is used for merchandising.)

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