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18 Oct 2012 - Dinner at 요기

I took the subway from World Cup Stadium station to Sangsu station, exit 1 for dinner at 요기 Yogi. I have wanted to check out Yogi for the longest time and finally, I had the chance ^^  Turn to your right as soon as you got out of Sangsu station,exit 1 and you will see this. 

Past the shop in the above picture and you will see the main road on your right.
Walk straight for less than 10 mins and you will see 요기 Yogi on your left.

As you walk along the road, you will see Hollys Coffee on the opposite side of the road.

HoHo Myoll 호호미욜! I was so surprise to see HoHo Myoll 호호미욜 on the opposite side of the road. I visited this cafe on my first solo trip to Seoul in 2011!  Here's my earlier post on Lazing at 호호미욜 on a raining day.

요기 Yogi!  I have reached  ^^
It took me less than 10 mins from Sangsu station, exit 1 to reach here. 

The cup is for water.  How about the bowl?  단무지그릇.  Self service for radish?

Comic drawings as the decor.

The menu is in Korean and it took me some time to interpret Haahahaaa.. Oh gosh, can I eat all of them?? 제가 매우 배고프다 and I wanted something hot to warm my body...brghhh....The 아줌마 showed me a menu written in Japanese. Omg...that is worse for me ㅋㅋㅋ The more I tried speaking in English, the more 아줌마 will speak to me in simple Japanese.  I wonder why she keep talking to me in Japanese.  I gave up and ordered my food in my broken Korean ㅎㅎㅎ  I ordered 요기국수 Yogi noodles (KRW4500) and 납작구운만두 flat mandu(5 pieces for KRW1500).
If I am not wrong, the menu consists of hot and cold noodles, rice and side dishes. 미안해. I can't figure out some of the prices due to the light reflection.

뜨거운국수들 Hot noodles :
1) 멸치국수 Anchovies noodles KRW4500
2) 오뎅국수 Oden noodles KRW5000
3) 김치국수 Kimchi noodles KRW5000
4) 두부국수 Toufu noodles KRW5000
5) 육개장국수 Yukgaejang noodles KRW5500
6) 사글국수 KRW5500

밥메뉴 Rice menu :
7) 육개장국밥 Yukgaejang rice soup KRW5500
8) 김치국밥 Kimchi rice soup KRW5000
9) 사글국밥 KRW5500

차가운국수들 Cold noodles :
10) 비빔국수 Bibim noodles KRW5500
11) 김치말이국수 Kimchimari noodles KRW5000

곁들임메뉴 Side menu :
12) 옛날떡볶이 Tteokbokki 
13) 부산오뎅 Oden
14) 가래떡꼬치 Rice cake in skewers (2 sticks KRW2000)
15) 참치김치 Tuna Kimchi KRW1500
16) 참치마요네즈 Tuna mayonnaise KRW1500

I think 옛날떡볶이 Tteokbokki is KRW3000 per serving and will cost KRW4000 with 납작구운만두 flat mandu.  If I did not interpret wrongly, 부산오뎅 Oden is 3 sticks per serving at KRW2500. One stick will cost KRW900. I am not sure if I have interpreted correctly. It was my first time to see Tuna Kimchi and Tuna Mayonnaise as Korean side dishes. Were they Korean food? Enlighten if you know ^^
김치말이국수 Kimchimari noodles is cold noodles with kimchi rolls and slices of cucumber. I heard this is a popular dish on the menu. I think 육개장국수/ 국밥 Yukgaejang noodles/rice soup is cooked with beef.  It was my first time to see 사글국수/국밥, so I didn't order that just in case it contains beef.  

납작구운만두.  10 pieces for KRW3000, 5 pieces for KRW1500.
I called this flat mandu instead of flat roasted/grilled mandu cos they do not look like roasted/grilled at all ㅋㅋㅋ

요기국수 Yogi Guksu
This is a bit spicy for me but not bad ^^

I couldn't figure out what was inside the flat mandu. Seems like rice vermicelli was the main ingredient. Other than that, I can only taste the skin of the mandu. Not bad. I will still order this dish in my next visit ^^  Yes, I will be back to try out other dishes on the menu especially 오뎅국수.

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