Tuesday, 1 January 2013

19 Oct 2012 - Before flight

After check in, I went to Dunkin Donuts to buy something to eat before shopping time. Helped my friends to buy some duty free products and errmmm I burnt a small hole in my pocket as well!

Halloween is round the corner again.

I forgot the name. It tasted ok.

I was surprised to see this.  Many tourists went forward to take a picture with them.
A good cultural experience for the tourists indeed.

안녕 and take care.  I will be back.

Finally, I am done with my updates on my Autumn trip 2012. Looking forward to plan for my upcoming trip in April.  Jeju is one of my destination becos Jae showed me a picture of the striking rapeflowers scene in Jeju.  Today is 1 Jan 2013.  I wish everyone happiness and good health always. 


  1. wow ! you going to Jeju. it was on my list to visit also in April but end up cxling it cos feels like there's not enough time. planning to go next time though ;).

  2. Yes! I'm sure u will visit Jeju soon in the near future ^^

  3. you are going jeju! ... you can check out the place mpjeju.com though not sure if they have room for 1 only... the place is really nice!

  4. Hi Siying : That's really nice of u. I will check out that website. Thanks for sharing ^^