Tuesday, 1 January 2013

19 Oct 2012 - You made my day 고마워.

I went back to Seoul Green Residence and check out just before 11am. Housekeeping came in at 10.40am when I was still inside the room...
I dragged my feet to the airport limousine bus stop outside Ibis hotel and reached the bus stop at 11.15am. The bus arrived the moment I reached the bus stop. Sigh...why did it have to arrive so fast -__-  Actually, it was a good thing that the checkout time was 11am, otherwise I will not be able to see 재 before I leave Seoul. About 20 mins away from Incheon Airport, I received a call which made my day. Thank you so much for meeting me before I fly back to Singapore. Like I said, I'm going to miss you a lot.

*Picture taken with S3, effect by Instagram

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