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19 Oct 2012 - Breakfast at 동대문 생선 구이골목

19 Oct 2012. It was my last day in Seoul. Sadddd...I will be back for sure. I took the subway to Dongdaemun Station, exit 9 for breakfast at Dongdaemun's Saengseon-gui alley 생선 구이 골목.  Walk straight from exit 9 for about 3 mins and you will see 우리은행 Woori Bank on your left.

You will pass by this building, Dongdaemun Shopping Town.

Woori Bank 우리은행

You will see IBK bank at the corner.  Turn to your left as shown.

Walk straight till the end of this row of stalls and you will see a small alley on your right.

Turn into the alley and walk straight.

Walk straight and you will see another alley on your right.
This alley is the Saengseon-gui alley 생선 구이 골목.
I reached here at 8.40am. It took less than 10 mins from exit 9 to reach here.

I did not check out the eateries in the alley.  I simply went into the first one that I saw. 

The menu is in Korean and the 아줌마 speaks Korean only. I ordered 고등어백반 Grilled mackerel rice set (no.11 in this picture).  No. 8 -11 are basically grilled fish set with rice. I am not an expert in fish, so I do not know the names of the fish. I also assume that no 1-7 comes with rice.

1) 낙지볶음 Stir fry octupus KRW8000
2) 오징어 볶음 Stir fry squid KRW6000
3) 제육볶음 Stir fry pork KRW6000
4) 청국장 Cheonggukjang KRW6000 
5) 순두부 Sundubu KRW5000 
6) 된장끼개 Doenjang jjigaeKRW5000 
7) 김치 찌개 Kimchi Jjigae KRW6000 
8) 꽁치백반 Kongji Baekban KRW6000 
9) 굴비백반 Gulbi Baekban KRW6000 
10) 삼치백반 Samji Baekban KRW6000 
11)고등어백반. Godeungeo Baekban KRW6000

What is the difference between "식사류" and "안주류"?  No.12 - 14 under 안주류 are more expensive than the rest in the menu. 왜?  Was it due to the portion?  I don't know. Please enlighten me.
No. 4, 청국장 Cheonggukjang and no. 6, 된장끼개 Doenjang jjigae are also my favourites. 청국장 Cheonggukjang is cook using fermented soybean Paste and some people said it has a stinky smell. Stinky meh??  I am fine with it.  Hmm...I wonder if the 순두부 Sundubu is the usual Sundubu jjigae that I like.
No.15, 뚝불 is something new to me and I think Koreataste explains it well. The leftover raw meat for bulgogi can be used to make delicious bulgogi soup, called ddukbaegi bulgogi 뚝배기 불고기 or ddukbul 뚝불 for short. In addition to the bulgogi, vegetables like mushrooms, onions and scallions and a generous portion of cellophane noodles called dangmyeon 당면 will be added to the soup and served in an earthenware pot.

A healthy set meal. I like the soup which has a very home cooked taste ^^
The green color paste in the small container tasted like wasabi but the green is so bright green, unlike the Japanese wasabi which we all know.

I still have 20 mins to spare before making my way back to the hotel.
I decided to check out the rest of the shops in this alley.

There were many eateries in this small alley.

What's that cooking in the pot?
Looks good ^^

Its time to go back. The check out time was 11am.
I will come here again if I have the chance.

Something caught my eyes when I was walking back to Dongdaemun station  ^^
Hohohooo...Jasmine and Kim will be very happy to see this!

Only KRW500.  So cheap!

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