Sunday, 28 September 2014

23 Aug 2014 - Reviving childhood memories ^^

I went to 조계사 Jogyesa Temple to give thanks and walked over to Insadong main street to check out 토토의 오래된 물건 Toto’s Nostalgia Museum. The nearest subway station tio reach the museum is Anguk station, exit 6.
Located on the second storey.

2000 won for admission fee.

I thought I smelled grilled cuttlefish! 
Oh!! There you are!
You can buy cuttlefish and grill it on the spot!

Dosirak ^^

This appeals the most to me!

I remembered I had the mini version of this!

Toto’s Nostalgia Museum is not a big place but it is a good place to revive some childhood memories ^^
(I couldn't find this place during my Spring Trip 2015. The place was under renovation.)

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