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23 Aug 2014 - My accommodation for this trip

I booked my accommodation for this trip via Air BnB.  My accommodation is about 3 mins walk from Hongik Univ Station, exit 4. Very near Boa Guesthouse. My host, Yoni got her husband to help me with my heavy luggage at the apartment building when I arrived on Sunday morning. I really did not expected this. I have communicated many times with Yoni before my arrival and have expressed my concerns over a few things which were not according to what was stated in the website.  For eg, it was stated in the website that there was elevator in the building. However, I was shocked when Yoni sent me the video on how to reach her apartment.  There was two flights of stairs.  It was no big deal if I do not have a heavy and big luggage.  Yes, there was elevator but not direct access due to the structure of the building. Next, it was stated that there was dryer and washing machine.  When I double confirmed with Yoni, she told me there was no dryer but only a small drying rack. It would not be a concern to me if it was a short stay. I don't have a dryer back home in SG and I was worried that drying my clothing indoor will leave an odour on my clothing. You get what I mean?  I am just too used to have my clothing sticking out in the sun on bamboo sticks. Hahahahahahah...I wish Yoni's apartment has a rooftop for me to dry my clothing *Too much drama
There was no iron and iron board but Yoni was really nice to provide me with a steamer ^^  Yoni has been very accommodating with my requests and pretty fast in replying via Kakao talk. Overall, both Yoni and her husband are really nice people. I can feel their sincerity to make their guests at home. 

Yoni's apartment was located on the 11th storey.

I need a security card to gain access to take the lift from third storey and a security password to gain access into the apartment. Yoni will know my password cos she set the password for me.
Yoni's apartment was exactly what I saw from the website.
The place was bright and clean ^^

One of the many reasons why I chose this apartment was becos of the wardrobe. hahahahahaha
That's the small drying rack....

Yoni provides the basic utensils but no condiments were provided unlike my previous host.
Well, its ok for me.  I tried to buy only the necessary condiments. 

I like these mirrors the most LOL
Any idea what is this???
Yoni told me it is a detergent for washing clothing. Not softener. One piece for one wash and your clothing will be pretty clean. I was very amazed by it! During my stay, the maximum number of clothing that I have washed in one go was 9 pieces and they were washed clean. Clothing will smell nicer if you have fewer clothing but of course, that is a waste of water and electricity. One box cost less than SGD $10. Not cheap but it was something new to me. The piece of "tissue" will not degrade or dissolve after washing. It still remain in one piece.
You have to throw your trash into this plastic bag and bring it down to the trash area. 
This is the trash area in the carpark at third storey.
It was a choice between two flights of stairs(about 13 steps each I think) or taking this slope for lift access to 11th storey. During my stay, I took this slope more often then the two flights of stairs becos there were some painting works going on and it made the lift lobby area dark and scary. Once, I stumbled upon one 아저씨 ajoshi wearing his pants at the passageway near the lift lobby. I think he was one of the painting workers. Both of us were freaked out by each other. My goodness...
There was another occasion where the door at the lift lobby was locked when it was only 6pm....
The painting works seem to take forever. It was there when I arrived on my first day and still not completed when I left for SG. A mini Lotte Mart will be opening soon at the ground floor of this building.  Good news for the residents there although there is a GS convenient store outside this building.
Anyway, the sad news is Yoni is selling this apartment in order to focus on her cafe and other apartments in Gangseo. Otherwise, I would love to stay in this apartment again when I come back.  

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