Sunday, 28 September 2014

23 Aug 2014 - MUACKSSS to my second home!!!

I reached Incheon Airport around 7am and went to K Books to collect my EG SIM card.
It is located at the Arrival Hall near exit 7.
You can either top up or rather recharge at GS convenience store or online. I did not want to use credit card so I tried to recharge it at the GS outlet in Hongik Univ Station. The GS staff looked lost but he said with great confidence, "We do not have Sim Card and we do not have top up". Yes. He replied me in English. I was puzzled because the staff at K Book told me I could top up at GS. When I stepped out from GS, I saw a poster on the glass wall that said they have EG SIM CARD  *Faint
괜찮아.  I will try another GS outlet.  Again, I encountered the same problem. The GS staff looked 100% blur and lost, when I mentioned "top up" and "sim card".  Maybe they don't use the word "Top Up" and "Sim Card"???  My classmate encountered the same problem when she wanted to top up or rather recharge at GS outlet in Yonsei KLI.  

Anyway, the GS staff was more helpful this time. She checked and finally understood what I wanted.  Recharging requires only your cell phone number and tell the staff how much you want to top up/recharge. My classmate told me 10000 won is the minimum. 

So after all said and done, I dropped a feedback to EG Sim card via FB.  They gave me this message so that I can show it to the GS staff and they will recharge without any question ask. The only question ask is how much.
"GS25 포스 충전 방법 : 서비스 상품>편의점 캐쉬>알뜰폰 선불 충전>이지카드 바로 충전>동글이 충전"

By the way, you can only transfer your money from voice data to data plan only when your data balance becomes zero MB. You can only transfer if you have enough money in your voice data. Of course, you can also choose to terminate your data plan before it hits zero MB. As shown in the picture below, there is not much balance left in this case. Hence, it is up to individual whether you want to terminate the data plan and transfer the money from voice data to data plan or wait for it to become zero. Once you terminate your data plan, you can transfer the money from voice data to data plan.

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