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12 Nov 2016 - Exploring Baekyangsa Temple 백양사

Taking the train from Jeongeup Station to Baekyangsa Station.  My train was supposed to depart at 1.18pm but thank god it arrived a few mins late. Hahaha yeah. I was late but I managed to catch the train.  This was the first time I encountered this becos the trains are always so punctual in Korea. 
Took a taxi from Baekyangsa Station at 1.27pm. Starting fare was 3500 won. I reached the ticket counter at 1.53pm.  Probably due to the peak period of the foliage, there was a slight jam and the taxi fare was about 17500 won. 

3000 won for entry.

The place was obviously beautiful ^^
I couldn't stop smiling when I reached here!
I shall let my pictures do the talking.

Many people wanted to get a nice picture of the place with the mountain in the background.
Actually, I find this was a bit dangerous...

안녕 ^^
Time to head back to the train station.
It was not a very big place and I took about 1.5hours to explore it.
 I saw a bus stop but decided to walk out to the main road to catch a taxi. 

 That's the bus stop.

I didn't take try waiting for the bus.
 I think this is the bus time table from Baeyangsa to Jangseong bus terminal & station(on the left column) and Baeyangsa Station(right column).

Bus time table to Gwangju.

After walking for a long time, I still have no luck to get a taxi. I decided to walk back to this hotel, Baekyang Tourist Hotel 백양관광호텔 to get help in calling for a taxi. The staff was so nice and kind. Without hesitation, they made a few calls and finally managed to get a taxi for me. I got on the taxi at 4.38pm. My train back to Jeongeup was supposed to leave at 4.24pm. The next available train to Jeongeup was a few hours later, so I decided to take the taxi back to Jeongeup. I saw a Lotte Mart "not too far" from my hotel, so I requested taxi uncle to drive me to Lotte Mart and arrived at 5.05pm. The taxi fare was 34500 won.
The red circle at the bottom of this picture was where I stayed.
Jeongeup station is in the middle of Lotte Mart and my hotel. 
I was so surprise to see this!!
Cheese makgeolli 치즈 막걸리!!
This was so so so so niceeeee!!!!!
I decided to walk back to my hotel from Lotte Mart.
Ehhh....not sure whether it was a correct decision, it took me about 15-20mins walk??
Finally I reached Jeongeup station.

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  1. Stumbled upon your blogs while doing a search on Baekyangsa. Great report with many nice photos of autumn leaves and the temple. Information you have put up about bus timetable is very useful for planning a trip there! Thank you.