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5 Nov 2017 - At Lee Jung Seop Street 이중섭거리

I walked back to the same bus stop to take bus no. 201 to  Lee Jung Seop Street 이중섭거리. 
음...I know...its still too small...미안
I got one bus no.201(heading towards the direction of Seogwipo) at 11.55am.
Fortunately, this bus had both screen and voice announcement
I reached the bus stop, "동문로터리 Dongmun Rotary" at 1.19pm.
Super long bus journey indeed...

I walked against the flow of traffic and cross the road to get to Lee Jung Seop Street. 
The arrow pointing to the bus stop was the one where I got off.
However, the bus stop directly opposite was not the one for my return trip.
Lee Jung Seop Street as indicated by the Purple circle.
Some shops along the stretch of road indicated by the Blue dotted line.
Seogwipo Daily Olle Market as shown by the Red Circle.
You will see this market as you pass by.

Well, nothing much here actually..
Pigs can really fly!!
Stumbled upon this cafe & the settings caught my attention though I did not have my coffeebreak here.

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