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5 Nov 2017 - 서도우 studio in Jeju ^^

I took bus no. 201 from 델문도 카페 Cafe Delmoondo at 9.35am and reached this bus stop, "오조해녀의집" at 10.33am.  Actually, I was a bit worried as I took this bus cos there was no screen to show the name of the bus stop!  The bus trip was challenging for me becos there was no announcement and I tend to fall asleep the moment I got a seat on the bus Hahahaah
The bus was going quite fast and I tried to stay alert by using the google map hahaha
Ojo Haenyeo House is the name of the bus stop, "오조해녀의집"
One could easily miss this bus stop becos the driver was going very fast.
Once the bus reached the stop, "Seongsan High School", you got to stay alert and press the bell.
You will see this when you got off the bus.
Yes, that is 성산일출봉 Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak.
After you get off the bus, walk in the direction against the flow of traffic(red arrow).
The bus stop as shown by the green arrow.
Which means my bus, 201 was going in the direction as shown by the blue arrow.
So, once you see the water, you can press the bell. 
As shown by the red arrow in the picture before this picture, make a turn into this road and walk straight all the way.

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak is always there ^^
Walk straight all the way.
It was a very pleasant walk becos the surroundings was really beautiful.
Although it was bright and sunny, it was still quite cold.

Walk straight until you see this.
You will also see this bridge.
Cross the bridge.
Yes, cross the bridge to get to 오조리포구.

You will see this after you cross the bridge.

Walk towards the direction of those cars and you will see the place that I wanted to visit ^^
This is it!!
Hahahah...Yes I came to Jeju becos of this place.
This is Soh Do Woo's studio in "On the way to the airport".
The surrounding was really nice.
Nicer than what was inside the "studio" of course since it is empty now lol
The key ^^

Very peaceful surrounding.

Is it worth coming here?

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