Sunday, 20 May 2018

5 Nov 2017 - Mushy lunch

I walked into a random eatery for my late lunch.

Decided to try 몸국 which I think is one of Jeju's so called specialty.
Errmmmm...I knew it would be mushy but did not expect it to be in such a pulpy mass...
And I dun like mushy food at all.
It felt like they mashed up the entire pig for this...
Felt kinda gross...The taste was ok but I just dun like the texture ㅠㅠ

I tried my best to "squeeze out" as much soup as I could cos I did not want whoever who cooked this to feel bad when they see so much left.
Or maybe I think too much...
This would be my first and last try for 몸국!
At least I tried before & knew what is 몸국 lol

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