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5 Nov 2017 - My favourite cafe in Jeju

Came to Jeju Bus Terminal to take bus no. 101 to a cafe which I was looking forward to visit.
Its good to have a tourist information centre here but they do not open early.
Think they open around 9am??
Many buses here since it is the terminal.
I like the fact they also make announcement when the bus is arriving. 
I got on bus no. 101 at 7.57am from the bus stop outside the bus terminal(where the Tourist Information Centre is located) and reached this bus stop, "함덕 서우봉해변 Hamdeok Seoubong Beach" at 8.33am.  
What I saw after I got off the bus.  Cross the road. The beach is across the road.
You will see this after crossing the road.
 Facing this signage, I walked towards the 11am direction(ie my left).
This pathway leads to the cafe ^^
About 5-10mins walk from the bus stop to the cafe.

Finally, I am here!

I think it would be so nice to chill out here during summer evenings.

They have more than these lol
And I think they have English Menu.
I love the fact they are open early.
Secretly, I think I want to stay near this cafe in my next trip to Jeju. 
I reached here about 8.45am and the varieties was not a lot but still ok.
This hot dog pastry came out one hour later.....just when I was leaving....

I cannot understand why this is their best seller lol

A lot???
Hahahah its okay!!

Seriously, I felt so so relaxed and at peace here.
This is a place that I would want to stay here for a long long time.
I dun care if the pictures shown are almost the same to you, I only know I miss this place so freaking much!!
Food is not bad and I like the croissant ^^
If you think this cafe does not have many customers, you are wrong...
I waited for a while to take a quick snap whenever the crowds cleared.
I heard some familiar Singlish too hahaaha

Very nice beach but my pictures does not do justice to it...
Really sad to leave the cafe....I promised myself that I will be back.
I walked back to the same bus stop where I alighted, to take bus no. 201.
The next place on my itineray is also another place that I really really look forward to go.
In fact, this trip to Jeju was becos of this place!! Hahaha.

Ermmm....I know....too small....

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