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8 April 2018 - First time trying this dish

It rained the entire afternoon...
So I did my shopping at Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Mall before coming here for dinner.
Weekdays : 9am till 9pm
Weekends & PH : 9am till 8.30pm.
I came here for their 북어찜 백반 (7000won), which is something like stewed/braised dried fish rice set.
The second dish on the menu is also dried fish (maybe grilled)북어구이 but I think it was meant for 2 persons.
The 3rd one on the menu is seafood pancake 해물파전

Since I was alone, they served me this right away without the need for me to really tell them my order ^^
잘 먹겠습니다 ^^
This was my first time to try this Korean dish, 북어찜 백반. 
Yes, there are still many Korean dishes that I have not heard of or try before.
This dish does not look appetizing but trust me, it tasted so so sooooooooooo good!!!!
Spicy yup but sooooooooooooo delicious!
I could down 2 bowls of rice with the sauce alone.
I finished everything..............................!!!
About 5 mins walk from Yeoksam Station, exit 3.

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