Tuesday, 6 May 2014

24 Mar 2014 - Beautiful 두물머리 Dumulmeori

두물머리 Dumulmeori is 0.9KM away.
Walk as directed.
Keep on walking straight after you turn left into this road.
Omgggg!! There were so many tiny flies flying around here.
I tried to shoo them away but more appeared!!

I think that bridge leads to 세미원 Semiwon.
Feel free to correct me if I am wrong ^^

There is an Information Centre opposite the gate and I went up to ask the staff. The staff does not speak English. I said," "세미원 Semiwon??" She crossed her hands, gesturing a big "X". I assumed she meant that 세미원 Semiwon is closed for the day. I have forgotten that it is closed on Monday unless it is a holiday on Monday ㅠㅠ
Admission fees.......

And so I walked on.....straight to 두물머리 Dumulmeori ...
I fell in love with the place as I walked on.
It was really beautiful here.
Please come here with your date okie ^^

ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ
You will be beautiful again in Summer!

미안 해요.
Pictures are almost similar but I can't help it  ㅋㅋㅋ

Many people wrote their wishes on these pebbles and left them in the river. 

Poor lotus flower ㅠㅠ
I left the place about an hour later.
Can't bear to leave and I hope to come back again one day.
I detoured a bit when making my way back to the subway station. You will see this on your left while walking towards the big traffic junction mentioned in my previous post. Nothing much here though.

Its time to make a move.
Byee Yangsu-ri. I will miss you.
*I miss you already*
Puzzled..I thought these 3 stations are in the same direction.
So which platform should I go??

I simply hoped onto the subway that arrived at 2.44pm!
Oh, they have a timetable! I reached here around 2.15pm, so the next available subway on a weekday will arrive at 2.44pm. Therefore I have to wait about 30mins...zzz...If only I have checked the timetable. The subway arrived at 2.46pm instead. Despite the long travelling time, I personally feel that the beautiful scenery was well worth the trip ^^


  1. Hey! Your blog has been incredibly useful! :) Thanks for sharing your detailed travel adventures in South Korea. I wouldn't have known about Dumulmeori if it wasn't for your blog! I have been using your travel notes to guide my travels while I'm here in South Korea on exchange! Thankkkkk you!!

  2. Hi there ^^ Waaaa....u are there on exchange!! *Envy
    Thanks for dropping by. Glad that my sharing is useful to u ^^

  3. I wonder how this place looks like in winter! Gonna put this in the list for my next visit. When are u going back to South Korea again? Looks like at this point of time, I shall address the country as ur second hometown already. Like I always tell my friend "Balik kampung".

    1. I believe it will be super LOMANTIC in winter ^^ Yeah balik kampung!