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23 Mar 2014 - Meeting 란 ^^

I went back to the apartment to rest before meeting 란. 란 is a friend whom I met under Banpo Bridge. I wrote about How I met 란 about 2 years ago.  I couldn't remember when I met her(Ooppsss!!) but 란 remembered ㅋㅋㅋ  미안. Time flies. It has been 2 years since I knew her. We usually communicate thro Kakao and hardly meet up but somehow she always know what's on my mind without me saying much.  always say I know what's on her mind too. Really?? She said she is very thankful to know me under the bridge that day. I think I should be the one who is very thankful to know such a wonderful friend. I hope everything goes well for her ^^  
Unfortunately, my stomach did not get any better. I feel the "washing machine" in my stomach whenever I eat or drink. However, I didn't want to disappoint her and really hope to meet her in this trip. 란 suggested BBQ 곱창, which is something that I have always wanted to try. I told her I have to give it a miss this time becos of my condition. I suggested 노을카페 Noeul cafe at Dongjak Station instead. I really miss the place a lot becos of a special person. 란 was keen to check out the cafe becos she has never been there before. Hmm....

We met up at Dongjak Station, exit 2 at 6.15pm.
란 told me she has called to make a reservation.
You need to order food when you make a reservation. 

That's a big salted egg yolk!!
So glad that 란 likes it here as well ^^  
That's 노을카페 Noeul cafe straight ahead.
I brought her to the outdoor terrace for a better view of the whole place.
It was so so beautiful....

They placed some chairs and tables here but it was too cold to stay here for long.
Our starter..
Actually, I couldn't eat as I could feel the "washing machine" in my stomach again.
We had to order food becos we made a reservation.
Hence, Spaghetti Bacon Carbonara for 란 and Spaghetti Vongole for me.
The food was pretty good although I did not finish it. 
란 called for a reservation and we were given seats facing the river.
However, we felt it was too cramped as we had to sit shoulder to shoulder with others.
I remembered 
재 said, "Those seats are for couples." Oh well...
란 and I decided to go one level up and she chose this place!
Yeah!  The same place where 재 and I had sat!
재, 나는 당신이 너무 그리워요
We ordered some drinks as well.
Hot tea for me. 
란 asked if its ok for me to take a walk across the bridge after our meal.
Walking is not a problem for me but I can feel my stomach churning.
I told her,"좋아" but slowly.
The night view was awesome.
I was really scared to go near the railings ㅎㅎㅎ
I told her I will walk on the right side, and she walked on the left ㅋㅋㅋ
So instead of taking the subway from Dongjak station, we walked to Ichon Station.
It took us around 35mins to reach Ichon Station.
Otherwise, it would probably take about 20mins.
Felt so apologetic towards 란 that we had to walk so slowly becos of me.
Actually, it did not feel like a 35 mins walk to me becos we had so much to talk about!! 

Despite my churning stomach, I was very happy to see 란 again ^^
On my way back, I bought medicine for diarrhoea from the pharmacy becos I did not bring enough medicine from SG. This bottle of medicine is to be taken together with the pills only for the first consumption. How does it taste like?? It tasted like Chinese medicine although it does not look like Chinese medicine at all! 
I went to the doctor after coming back to SG and came to know that I was not suffering from food poisoning but rather stomach flu. wonder I could not eat much for a week after returning back to SG.

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