Monday, 12 May 2014

25 Mar 2014- Confusing tax refund

Tax refund as usual. I didn't claim back my cash refund at downtown in this trip. Hence, I got to queue twice in the airport. The first time was at the custom before entering into the transit area. The second time was to claim back the cash inside the transit area near Gate 28. However, this time beside the usual two tax refund companies(Global Blue and Global Tax Free), I had another different form from
This is the one. Is this a different company or what? You can read more about it from its website. The custom stamped on all the receipts for both Global Blue or Global Tax Free but did not stamped on the receipt from this "company". I was told by the custom to proceed to the counter, "Tax Refund" (beside the pillar as shown in the above picture) for assistance.
I walked towards the counter as advised. A staff at the counter took my receipt and walked towards these kiosks. She was so fast and busy helping me and two other tourists at the same time. I didn't have the chance to ask her or observed what she was doing. When she was done, she told me to go to Gate 27 to claim back my cash.
I thought Gate 27 has a counter for tax refund just like the ones near Gate 28. Nope. No counters but only these kiosks. Fortunately, there was a staff to help me cos I did not understand what I was going through. Why can't the custom stamp on all the receipts, so that I don't have to go to the kiosks(outside the transit) again? Or the other way round, why can't I do everything at those kiosks instead of joining the queue for the custom to stamp on the receipts?  
As mentioned in, "When you purchase goods at affiliated stores, your purchase data is transferred between the tax refund counter and the customs offices in realtime. This helps to receive a refund without filling in a refund application form." Hmmm.....Maybe everything will be done at these kiosks in future.

Well, I am still a bit blur with the whole process. The staff who helped me with this kiosk at Gate 27, had to ran to somewhere to get something done before I can get my cash back. Don't ask me why cos I had no chance to ask her. She only told me to wait for her. She came back and continued with the screen. This was where I got my cash back from this kiosk for my purchases issued with tax refund form from On the other hand, I saw another tourist getting her cash back from this kiosk almost immediately without any hassle. After I am done with my tax refund for, I walked over to Gate 28 to claim back my cash for Global Blue and Global Tax Free.
My experience probably sounds confusing. Well, I think you don't have to worry too much. Just give yourself ample time at the airport for your tax refund. 

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