Monday, 12 May 2014

25 Mar 2014 - Disappointed ㅠㅠ

Its my last day back home today *Sob
Decided to check out a cheap noodle place at 망원시장 Mangwon market before heading out to the airport.
Took the subway to Mangwon Station, exit 2 and reached here around 8am.
Turn right as soon as you come out from exit 2.
Walk straight down.
I saw another cheap noodle shop, 장모림 멸치국수 (As shown by the red star) on my way to Mangwon Market. The noodle shop that I wanted to check out was 홍두깨 as indicated by the green star.
This is the noodle shop, 장모림 멸치국수. 
It was closed and I couldn't find the operating hours.

Here's a blogger who blog about this place, 장모림 멸치국수
As shown by the map above, I turned right into the market street. Omg..about 98% of the stalls were closed ㅠㅠ My plan was to have breakfast at 홍두깨 but I couldn't locate it. Here's a blogger who blogs about 홍두깨
The street leads to another market, 월드컵 시장 Mangwondong World Cup Market.
안돼!! I still want to eat my noodles!!
So I went to 마포만두 Mapo Mandu at Hapjeong Station, exit 2 for my breakfast.
Thought of eating 멸치 국수 but they don't have it.
I ordered 잔치국수 instead.  
It costs KRW5000.

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