Friday, 17 July 2015

11 April 2015 - Popular jjampong in Gunsan ^^

First thing to do was LUNCH at 복성루 of course ㅋㅋㅋ
I couldn't wait to try this popular jjampong in Gunsan!

I heard queue started to form as soon as they are open. I took the taxi at 11.12am. The taxi uncle knew this place when I showed him "복성루" ^^ The starting fare was 2800won. I reached here at 11.24am and I paid 6220won for the taxi fare.  오모! Did you see the long queue?
I was really shocked to see the reallyyyy long queue....
The arrow is pointing to the eatery and the queue continued into the alley beside the eatery.
I was not the only one to have the jaw-dropping expression when I saw the queue lol
Everyone who came had the same expression when they saw the queue  -__-
I am very sure I was the only foreigner in the queue whahahahaa ^^
I joined the queue at 11.26am and started to contemplate if I should give up and find another place to eat jjampong.
So worried that I couldn't visit the places I wanted as my train departing for Yongsan Station was at 5.30pm.
어떻게...Should I continue to queue...but I really want to eat the jjampong here... 
I decided to join the queue for my jjampong ㅋㅋㅋ It was around 12.20pm when I took this picture.  I turned back and quickly snapped a picture of the queue...omgg...
The ajumah of the eatery came out a few times to inform the people on the queue on the dishes left. So considerate and nice of them to do so ^^  I think I heard they still have jjampong lol   제발 don't disappoint me!!
Hmmm...I suspect the queue probably has formed even before the eatery is open....
Operating hours : 10am ~4pm Closed every Sunday.
At last!!
I reached the entrance!
The ajumah came out again to inform what's left on the menu.
Thank god, jjampong was still available ^^

I was seated at 12.46pm.
Total waiting time taken was 1 hr 20 mins.
I wanted my jjampong (7000won) so badly!!
Seriously I am not a big jjampong fan becos it was hard to find one that I truly enjoyed.
The eatery was quite small.
No wonder the queue was so long...

There were 5 tables with 4 chairs to each table in the main dinning area.
There were another 2 tables with floor sitting at the side.
Waaa....such a big bowl with so much squid, clams and meat for only 7000won!!
I love the noodle and the soup ^^
No regrets for the long wait.
One thing off my bucket list!!!

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