Sunday, 19 July 2015

12 April 2015 - Happy times with 란 ^^

Hooray!! 란 and I managed to meet up for dinner and dessert before I leave for SG ^^  I brought her to two places that I wanted to go very very much. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I love to eat  Donkatsu in Korea.  I have no cravings for it at all when I am in SG...strange cos I don't think Donkatsu in SG taste any less delicious than the ones in Korea. Anyway, since I have yet to eat my Donkatsu for this trip, I urged 란 to come to this place which I have aimed to go for a long long time.  

This is the place, 부엉이돈가스 ^^
So glad that it was open.

I came here twice but no luck cos it was under some sort of renovation on the first time I came and closed on the second time when I came...

Snow cheese donkatsu was the reason why I wanted to come here ^^
It was the popular item on their menu. We ordered only one dish to share becos we wanted to leave some space for DESSERT!! Frankly speaking, This Donkatsu was not the best I have ever ate but it was nice; not extra super delicious though.
Nearest subway station is Sangsu station, exit 1.
About 5 mins from exit 1 to reach the place.
Up next is dessert time!!!
 I was really really excited about this cos I wanted so badly to come here for sooo long...
Yes. Its Le Petit Four Café, a very popular cafe in Hongdae area.
Le Petit Four Café is opposite Snob cafe .

Omggggggggg....I wanted to try all of them!!!
란 and I had a hard time to decide which one to try ㅋㅋㅋ

I conclude that I love French dessert!
What you see here were all so so delicious!!
The nearest subway station for 르쁘띠푸 카페 Le Petit Four Café is Sangsu Station, exit 2.
About 3 mins walk from exit 2.

I was very happy to see 란 before going back to SG. I am not sure when we can see each other again in Korea cos 란 has recently flown to Paris to work. Perhaps the next time we meet, it would be in Paris or Germany ^^ I hope 란 is doing well in the new environment. 

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