Friday, 17 July 2015

11 April 2015 - Day trip to Gunsan

Woke up early for a day trip to Gunsan. Why Gunsan? Well, its a place that had been hanging on my bucket list ever since I saw the jjampong place in 1박2일 I cannot forget how the hosts ate the noodles and drank the soup through the window grilles  Lol  And yes I can travel so far for food. I can only do that in Korea but not in SG. Dun ask me why hahahahaa                         
Omori Kimchi Ramen before heading out to Yongsan Station ^^
I like old kimchi but in this case, I think I like the thin noodle more than the soup ㅋㅋㅋ
My destination was Gunsan and the final station for the route was Iksan station.
Knowing your final station will tell you which platform to take your train. 
Mugunghwa train is really slow but comfy.
At last...I reached.
Reached Gunsan station at 10.55am.

A bus stop and a taxi stand beside the train station.
I did not take the bus and have planned my itinerary by using taxi so as to save time.
So any guess what's the first thing I wanna do in Gunsan??

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