Friday, 17 July 2015

11 April 2015 - Exploring Gyeongam-dong Railroad Village

I took a taxi from Wolmyeong Park to the Railroad Village at 2.33pm.
Starting fare was 2800 won.
The taxi uncle dropped me at this intersection at 2.44pm.
Ermmm...I forgot to take note of the fare..미안
The first friend to greet me at the railway village ^^

My Injeolmi ice cream ^^

Emart was just across the road.

Honey cheese hotteok!
So hard to resist since I love honey and cheese.....
But I decided to save my stomach for the popular hotteok in Gunsan.
Enduring my desire to try.................honey cheese hotteok.....!!!

The end of the railway village.
It was not a big place.
It took me less than 40 mins to explore the place.

Up next is hotteok time!!

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