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7th April 2013 - First bus ride in Jeju

My initial plan was to check out Jeju National University for cherry blossoms and the area around Jeju Sports Complex after I checked in. 춘희언니 told me Jeju city has better places for appreciating the beauties of the cherry blossom trees than Seogwipo does. The famous places in Jeju-si for cherry blossom are Jeonnong Road Cherry Blossom Street, Jeju Sports Complex and its whole neighbourhood, and the entryway of Jeju National University. These places are easily accessible by public transportation. However, due to the sudden rise in temperature, the 'King Cherry Blossom Festival' on April 5th~7th April in Jeju Sports Complex was brought forward to 29th ~31th March...

I knew I will be late to catch the flowers in full bloom by the time I reached Jeju becos they bloomed about 6 days earlier this year ㅠㅠ  Sigh......I was so sad when I knew the cherry blossom festival in Jeju will be brought forward. Moreover when I visited 춘희언니, she told me the flowers might be gone due to bad weather on the day before my arrival in Jeju.  아....괜찮아요. On a brighter note, my purpose of this trip to Jeju was to catch the rapeflowers aka canola flowers.

It was very cold when I reached Jeju and I felt sleepy as I didn't really sleep on the plane. I thought I should just rest for the day. In the end, I decided to try taking the bus to Jeju National University and checked out the neighbourhood.

From the hotel entrance, I turned to my left and walked down to the main road.

Saw this road after walking for 2 mins from hotel and I turned left from here.

Next, I saw Caffe Ti-amo across the road. To get to the bus stop for Jeju National University and Jeju Bus Terminal, I need not cross the main road.  I turned left again as  shown by the red arrows.  The blue arrow indicates the bus stop across the main road and that bus stop is called 한라 병원 Halla Hospital.  

Follow the red arrow to get to the bus stop for Jeju National University and Jeju Bus Terminal.  

That's the bus stop.  It took about 3 mins from the hotel to reach this bus stop.

This bus stop is called 남녕고 Namyeong High School.

Ermm...if its of any help to anyone...

I didn't expect to see this in Jeju ^^
I can take bus no. 500 or 502 to Jeju National University.

Here comes my bus.  Board bus no. 502 at 2.56pm. You can use T money in Jeju.  If I did not remember wrongly, I need not tap my T money again when I alight. 

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