Friday, 26 April 2013

7th April 2013 - Reach my second home ^^

Reached Incheon Airport at about 6am and made my way to take the AREX to Gimpo Airport.   Excited becos I am finally back again!!  Heading to Jeju for 5 nights, followed by 3 nights at Yeosu and thereafter 9 nights in Seoul.  Although I love the countryside but somehow, I wanted to be in Seoul as soon as I can.

Ermm...nothing...just find the word "long term parking" so familiar ㅋㅋㅋ 

I used my T money to take the Arex this time. 

I think it should be cheaper and faster to take the Arex than the airport bus to Gimpo Airport.  

A few bloggers mentioned that taking photos is not allowed in Gimpo Airport but there were still people taking photos and posting them online.  Hence, I asked the staff at the Information counter to clarify my doubts. She hesitated and said,"Yes". I was not convinced so I asked the counter staff when I checked in my luggage.  His English was rather fluent and he told me that photo taking in Gimpo airport is actually not allowed but people are still taking photos.  

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