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7th April 2013 - 고기국수 for dinner

Guess what? I didn't make it to Jeju National University cos I thought I missed the stop when in fact I didn't! I got off the bus too early.  I don't really feel disappointed that I did not make it to the university becos the weather was simply too cold for me to go anywhere. Jeju was known for its strong wind, so that made it even colder. I took the return bus(bus no.502) back to my hotel by crossing to the opposite side of the road. This time, I got off at the bus stop, 한라 병원 Halla Hospital instead of 남녕고 Namyeong High School becos its nearer to the hotel. I didn't went back to the hotel immediately but bought a jacket at one of the nearby shop.  Oh, I happened to see E Mart from a distance and decided to walk over. E Mart is about 15 mins walk from my hotel. From E Mart, I saw Lottemart nearby so I went to Lottemart as well!  I loveeeeee supermarkets ㅋㅋㅋ

The blue arrow is pointing to E Mart and the red arrow is pointing to Lotte Mart.
They are about 5 mins walking distance apart.

I love Lotte Mart  ^^

Jeju Post Office is located diagonally opposite Lotte Mart.
Oh yes, post office is one of my favourite place in Korea as well ㅎㅎㅎ

I spotted an eatery selling 고기국수 so I thought of having my dinner there. Yes! Pork noodle is one of Jeju specialty ^^  As shown in the picture, cross the road, walked against the flow of traffic for 3 mins and you will reach the place. It took about 5 mins to reach the eatery from Lotte Mart.

This is the eatery and it is opposite Lotte Mart.

Menu comes with English and Mandarin translations ^^
I was very hungry and wanted to order 고기국수 (Pork noodle) and a small serving of 물 만두(Water dumplings).  The lady was very kind.  She told me that it would be a big bowl of noodle and ordering the dumplings will be too much for me.  That was so kind of her, isn't it?

Free flow of seaweed is available in a container on the table. I love seaweed so that made me very happy ㅎㅎㅎ Many people ordered 고기국수.  I thought it will be oily becos of the pork belly but it was not. The broth was light and nice.  The noodle is like ramen noodle.  Well, I still dare not eat the fatty parts of the pork unless it is grilled ㅎㅎㅎ  And yes, it was a pretty big serving but I finished the whole bowl ^^  Hey, I thought this noodle was nice but I tried 고기국수 again in another eatery few days later. That 고기국수 was even better!  

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