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7th April 2013 - My accomodation in Jeju ~ 늘송파크텔 Nulsong ParkTel

I have to thank 춘희언니 for her patience and advice given to me for my Jeju trip. 춘희언니 is from KTO(Jeju) and she was located at the Tourist Infomation Center of Jeju Int'l Airport. 언니 has been a great help and I am very grateful to her. I wanted to thank her personally, so I gave her a surprise visit the moment I reached Jeju Airport.  We met for the first time.  Of course, she was so surprised to see me.  정말 감사합니다 언니 ^^

My boarding pass to take Jeju Air.

보고 싶어...
*Aeroplane mode on of course 

Made my way to take a taxi to my hotel ie 늘송파크텔 Nulsong ParkTel.  I chose to stay in Jeju si becos it seems more accessible than Seoqwipo since I will be taking public buses. However, the main reason why I chose this hotel was becos of the good online reviews of the hotel owner, Mr Park. Btw, Mr Park told me Nulsong Parktel is located in Shin-Jeju area.

The hotel is very near the airport, about 5-10 mins taxi ride from the airport.  
미안 해요 I could not remember how much I paid for the taxi fare. 

The TV was the biggest I have encountered so far in all my previous hotel stays.
The length of the TV was longer than my hand.
I like my room not becos of the TV but becos it feels nice  ^^

And I love my bed!!
This is the Princess 1 room.  Ermmm....okay, I will be a princess for 5 nights ㅎㅎㅎ

Yup! I brought along my favourite essential oil  ^^

I got a copy of the bus route guide from the information counter at Jeju airport.

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