Thursday, 25 April 2013

Left my heart and soul in Seoul.

I am back and still in a daze. Mum asked what I want for breakfast but all that surfaced in my head was only Korean food.  So I am really back in Spore but I left my heart behind in Seoul.  I don't like the feeling of saying good bye but I cherish every moment being there, and being there with someone whom I miss badly. 
Anyway, this trip turns out to be more tiring than my previous trips.  I thought it will be a relaxing trip for shopping and revisiting some of the places in Seoul but it turns out to be a disaster to my pocket!  Hahahahaaa..
Yeah..I love "Made in Korea" hahahahahaahaa....I am very happy with all my purchases. Told myself I must go cycling along the Han river in my next trip this year  ^^

Every oversea trips make me feel that I am blessed and we are really pampered by our government.
I was at the tax refund counter at Incheon airport yesterday and witnessed something so familiar back home...
There was a long queue at the counter for tax refund and many people did not fill up their addresses on the receipts or forms. A Korean lady came out to check each individual documents as so to prevent unnecessary waiting time. She requested a man to show her the documents but the man said,"Where is Mr______?"  He repeated himself twice at least. The Korean lady did not replied him and only requested him for the documents. That man did not want to show his documents and demanded,"Where is your boss/manager?". She did not reply him and he told her that she was very rude...blah blah blah...*If you find this familiar

That man did not give up in lodging a complaint. He asked for the name of that Korean lady when he was being attended by the counter staff, and said he wanted to complaint about her becos she was very rude. My goodness.....must he be so persistent???  As if he was being polite in the first place...

I might be biased towards Koreans but seriously speaking, she wasn't rude in my opinion. Sometimes, we must understand that the Koreans do not mean to be rude but they just do not know how to express themselves in English.  At times, you may need to repeat a few times or use gestures etc to get your message across. Koreans are very helpful and friendly people. They will be most happy to help you when they know you are a foreigner.
Put yourself in their shoes. How does it feel when you want to express yourself but unable to communicate what you want.  I don't know about you but I will feel so helpless and lousy.
On many occasions, I will feel so helpless whenever a Korean especially an elderly approached me for directions in Korea.  I really wanted to help but it was either I'm not sure or I can't communicate.  It was the same for this trip. I encountered some elderly approaching me for directions.  I felt so bad becos they approached me with a smiling face but I can only apologise for not being able to communicate with them.

One regret for this trip, I did not manage to visit my favourite place in Seoul ie 반포대교 Banpo Bridge cos it holds a special meaning in my heart. was raining that night and it happened to be my last night in Seoul.  Morale of the story, never wait till last minute.  

Give me some time to update my trip cos I am still feeling kinda lost in momentum. Sob...I miss my second home ㅠㅠ

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