Wednesday, 26 March 2014

18 Mar 2014 - Collecting my pocket wifi at Incheon Airport

Arrived at Incheon Airport around 6am.  After collecting my luggage, I went to the second floor to collect my pocket wifi from Mobilepop. Actually, I don't need a pocket wifi becos I want to disconnect all communication channels (except Kakao) especially from my colleagues or rather office  ㅋㅋㅋ  Anyway, I want to try this pocket wifi.

I took the escalator near gate 6 to access to the second floor. Turn left and the place of collection is as shown by the arrow. Time taken should be less than 10 mins unless there is a queue or some unforseen circumstances.
This is the packaging and comes with a charger.
I asked them some questions before making my reservation.
Here's their reply if its useful to you.

"Dear Customer, 
Thank you for your inquiry about mobile POP! Unfortunately prepaid SIMs cannot be used with mobile router. Pocket Wifi LTE has best coverage and speed. (100 Mbps dl speed) Works fine in Tongyeong and Ulsan. Pocket Wifi Wide works in those cities too but coverage is 80%. You don't have to pay deposit if you put credit card information when you make reservation. Actually fair usage policy (500 MB limit) applies very rarely. And you can still use kakao message and kakao free calls even your device got slowed. (speed will be 10mbps, 3G speed)"

The rental fee for this pocket wifi LTE is KRW8360 per day (include 10% tax). Total amount payable is KRW66,880 (8,360 X 8 days). I think there is a promotion now. Otherwise, the rental fee per day is KRW8800 per day(I think so). So is this pocket wifi good?  Yes. No complaints ^^
Next destination is Gimpo Airport for my domestic flight to Busan. I passed by the other collection centre for the pocket wifi on my way to take AREX. However, this outlet only opens at 8am.

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