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18 Mar 2014 - Getting to 용궁사 Yonggungsa Temple

The check-in time was 2pm, so I left my luggage at the reception to visit 용궁사 Yonggungsa Temple. The guy at the reception was very helpful. I did not ask for his name but he looks like the owner of the hotel. I casually told him that I wanted to go to 까멜리아장사도해상공원 but not sure of the timing of the ferry. Before I knew it, he was busy checking out information for me using his ipad and calling up the place.

Although I like the drama, "별에서 온 그대" a lot but strangely, it did not occur to me to visit the filming location until SY reminded me a week before my trip ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you. It was sort of a last minute decision to check out the island. In fact, I contemplated to go or not to go becos there was so limited information in English on getting to the island. Both KTO(Korea) and KTO(Sg) gave me very different answers to my questions and I was confused by their replies. My main concern was the timetable of the ferry becos KTO Korea told me sometimes the tickets can be easily fully booked and it is better to visit Tongyeong Excursion Ship Terminal as soon as possible.

Anyway, I took the subway to Haeundae Station, exit 7 for bus no. 181 to Yonggungsa temple.
Walk straight from exit 7 and you will see a bus stop .
Oh dear....This was not helpful to me...
How do I know whether I am at the correct bus stop ㅠㅠ
I followed my gut feeling and managed to board bus no. 181 at 12.53pm.
BTW, I used cash bee card.
There was only verbal announcement of the bus stops names in Korean.  
I reached the bus stop for 용궁사 Yonggungsa Temple at 1.16pm.
With your back facing the main road, turn to your right after getting off the bus.  

Walk straight for about 1-2 mins and you will reach a zebra crossing.
You don't have to cross the road but turn to your left as shown.
The bus stop shown in the picture was where I took bus no. 181 for my return trip. 

Turn left and walk straight.
It was very warm but good weather.
Here's the entrance to the temple.
I reached here at 1.26pm.

The road leading to the temple was lined with stalls selling souvenirs and street food.
The twelve zodiac figures.

The place was really nice and my pictures do not justify it ㅠㅠ

우와 .....Red Dragon Bridge.

This was the bus stop where I took bus no.181 back to Haeundae Station. There is only one bus at this bus stop. I left the temple at 2.20pm and got onto bus no.181 at 2.36pm. Reached Haeundae Station at 3.01pm. If I did not remember wrongly, there was English announcement of the bus stops names for Haeundae Station and Yonggungsa Temple. Whether you can catch it a not, its another thing..
Up next is FOOD!

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