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18 Mar 2014 - Finding my way to 9월 Hotel

I reached Gimhae Airport at around 10.30am. My accomodation in Busan was near the airport and walking distance from Sasang Station, exit 5. Therefore, I decided to take the Light Rail to Sasang Station. 
The Airport Light Rail Station is located opposite the airport. 

Sasang Station is the third station from Gimhae Airport. I only saw this exit and another exit after I tapped my cash bee card. I could not see exit 5. Two students approached me with a board and stickers when I was looking hard at the map on the wall. One of them asked me to rate his smile from a scale of 1-5. Hmmmm....he wasn't smiling when he approached me. He only smiled when I tried to observe his smile ㅎㅎㅎ
I did not want to be mean, so I gave him the rating of 1 which means excellent. I was glad that I gave him a good rating becos he asked me where I wanted to go. Both of them had no idea where was exit 5. He asked me to wait a moment, while he approached a staff at the station. Guess what. The staff did not know where is exit 5. HUH!! I think he could not be bothered with the student. Poor student. He did not give up and use his smartphone to check for me. Although his directions was vague but I truely appreciate his help and time.  I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A PICTURE WITH THEM!!!!

And so.....I took the elevator to the first level and reached the main road as shown. Fortunately, I still remember the building across the road. I have seen it in my previous trip to Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal.  My accommodation was around that area as shown by the arrow. There is an easier way to reach exit 5. Take the elevator or the escalator to the BASEMENT and not level 1!!! The Light Rail station(Sasang) is connected to Sasang Station. I only realised my mistake much later ㅎㅎㅎ
I remember this building ^^
Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal is behind this building.
My accommodation is behind this orange building.
That's Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal as shown by the arrow. I booked my accommodation via Agoda and chose to stay near Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal becos of my trip to 통영. I did not think about the accessibility to other places, as all I could think of was 통영 ㅎㅎㅎ
The alley behind the orange colour building.
 I took a shortcut to my accommodation by cutting through CU convenience store.
Walk along this alley towards the bus terminal.
The alley will lead to a right bend. 
You will see another alley after turning right and on the right, would be my accommodation.
Found it  ^^
My accommodation in Busan was 9월 Hotel.
It should take around 10mins from the Light Rail Station to reach here.
Map provided by  9월 Hotel.

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