Wednesday, 30 April 2014

23 Mar 2014 - 곤드레나물밥 for lunch

Don't have much appetite but I think I can have some food. Thus, I went to 옹달샘 for my lunch. The nearest subway station for 옹달샘 is Sangsu Station, exit 1.

It took me about 7 mins from Sangsu Station, exit 1 to reach 옹달샘.
The dotted line represents the route I took to reach 옹달샘. Surprisingly, I stumbled upon Honey Bowl, a cafe for Brunch. Honey Bowl was also one of the places that I wanted to check out. For now, I will save it for my next trip back HOME ^^
허니 보울 Honey Bowl is opposite 옹달샘.
The waitress gave me a menu in Korean and was lost for words when I spoke in English. She told her colleague to help her as she does not speak English. She was not rude at all ^^ She gave me a menu in English. Her colleague came over and told me that there is only one dish available for one person ie 곤드레나물밥. I think 곤드레나물밥 is a vegetarian dish whereby, rice is cooked together with a type of vegetable. Mix some Korean sauce into the rice and eat ^^ Not really a pure vegetarian dish becos the sauce contains spring onion and perhaps garlic. Actually, I came with the intention to eating this dish ^^ 
곤드레나물밥 Gondre Namul Bap,
A very satisfying meal which includes the veggie rice, 된장 찌개 Doenjang Jjigae and  ^^ If I did not remember wrongly, this meal cost KRW6000. Despite my lack of appetite, I think the veggie rice mixed with Korean sauce was really delicious!!! I have been thinking of cooking it but I don't think I can get that veggie in SG  ㅠㅠ 
I went to 조계사 Jogyesa Temple to give thanks after lunch.
Really felt blessed and thankful to be able to come back to my second home once again. I am not a rich person. I do not have flawless porcelain skin, a great figure or a pretty face but I am deeply thankful for many things given to me in life. There are many things in life that I took for granted and I want to remind myself to live my life with gratitude always.

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