Sunday, 17 December 2017

21 April 2017 - 카페 어니언

Since I was already in Seongsu, I dropped by Cafe Onion which is located about 3mins walk from Seongsu Station, exit 2.

Weekdays 8am-10pm weekends 10am-10pm

Their popular choice but I did not try cos I was too full.

All of them looked good but I was too full to try any :(

Personally, I am not into industrial chic themes, I am more of a greeneries person. I did not check out the rooftop terrace but I think it would be pretty nice to chill out with friends at the rooftop terrace when the weather is cool and nice. You can click here and here for the pictures of the rooftop terrace. I might come back again just to feel the ambience at the rooftop terrace. 

Nearest subway station is Seongsu Station, exit 2.

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