Thursday, 21 December 2017

21 Dec 2017 - 고생했어 종현아

I wanna post this cos I am thankful and relieved to hear something from the boys. Picture is extracted from Key's instagram.  Translation is extracted from

"To. My love JongHyun Brother

Hi JongHyun it's me Key. I still can't believe that you're gone.
I'm sorry that I went to you late because I had other works to do. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to stay beside you and help you when you needed someone beside you.
In our team SHINee we were the two tops who were stubborn and always had to do something when we chose to. This time you decided things on your own and went by yourself....
At first it was a really hard time for me for three days at the funeral. But as I spent time looking at your picture and thinking about how you were I think I can understand the choice that you've made.
Don't worry about us or your family. I will be looking over your mother and sister as if they are my family.
I will be missing you alot. Whenever we had team meeting you were always on my side understanding and cheering for me but now there is no one to do it like you. We were the only one talking during the meeting... I'll try my best to accept the changes that there will be from now on.
Until we meet again hope your well there.
Your the best artist, friend, big brother, co-worker that I've met in my life! You did well, love you alot!!"

It was too heartwrenching to watch the members sending him off this morning.  It pains me lots to see Onew, Taemin, Minho & Key bidding a last good bye to Jonghyun. For every moment and everywhere,  they will be reminded of the times they have spent together.  Somehow after I saw Key's message, I felt better.  It was really nice of Key to let Jonghyun go in peace by assuring him that he will look after his mother and sister like his own family and that he will do his best to accept the changes.  Everyone must be mentally exhausted.  I hope the boys and family members will have a good sleep tonight.

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