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23 April 2017 - Hyunsik at Primera Love the Earth 2017

My friend told me 형식 has an event on 23 April 2017 at Samcheongdong Coco bruni. 
 Of course, I have to come cos I liked him a lot ^^ 

The event started at 11am and I arrived at around 9am.
There were already quite a number of fans waiting outside the cafe.
I was given a so called queue number by somebody.
My number was no. 52 I think.
She told me the event will start 11am but Hyunsik will appear at around 4-5pm(I couldn't remember).
I could not undertstand what was the queue number for becos what she told me was not of the same understanding by other fans.
She told me the queue number was to manage the queue.
The earlier ones will have a chance to stand near the stage.

At 11am, they started to let people in.
Everyone was given an empty paper bag.
You can play games to win a small gift/souvenir.
You had to go through a few rounds of games/activities to earn a stamp on your card.
Taking picture with "Hyunsik" was the first activity.
I was still in a lost of what to do and I just followed what the rest did.
And I soon grew bored becos I dun like to play games or take part in any activities...
After taking a picture with "Hyunsik", you had to tag the picture in SNS with the given hash tags to earn your first stamp on the card...zzzz...

2nd activity
One continued with the rest of the activities in this room.
The activities were not difficult, one of them was trying out the cream and 2 of the activities involved handicrafts.
I asked one of the lady what happened after completing all the stamps on the card.
She told me something like a souvenir.
I skipped all the activities becos I was not interested in them >_<
There was a very fierce security guard at the exit, he stared and asked me where I was going.
I acted busy talking on my mobile phone lol

One of the handicraft activities...

Another handicraft activity...
I think this was another activity but I did know what it was about.
I simply walked past it and left the place for lunch, thinking that I would be back by 2.30pm.
To my horror when I came back from my lunch...
I got back around 2.15pm.
All these people were queuing up to stand in front of the stage.
One of the security guard was very fierce and he did not allow anyone to join the queue.
I did not join in the queue becos I saw the guard shouted at her.
Only one security guard was super fierce, the rest were ok but they listened to the fierce one.
The person who gave me the queue number acted ignorance...
Lesson learnt.
Never leave the place.
Those who were not in the queue can stand around the place...
Ermmm...I mean across the road...
At last Hyunsik arrived.
I managed to sneak my way to somewhere near the "entrance" where he would walk past.
It was not hot but super sunny and I was facing the glaring sun.
Everyone was so excited and I dropped my glasses with all the jostling.
My first reaction was not to take a nice shot of Hyunsik but to quickly pick up my glasses!!
I could have taken a very good video of him becos he was so close up but I did not really regret.
At least, I did not have to spend unnecesssary to make a new pair of glasses.
This was the best I have taken.
Just imagine how close he was .....
My mobile phone was not good for picture taking but please do not share and post on your own blog.

The girls around me took better pictures.
He was really really good looking.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

A cafe beside Coco bruni.
I think the girls up there made a good choice ㅋㅋㅋ pictures were not clear ....

Lucky little girls.

So lucky of her!!

I was actually standing across the road becos the guards only allowed those in the queue to cross the road and stood in front of the stage. I was thankful that I managed to sneak in another queue. The guards kept shifting the people standing across the road and I saw a girl almost cry becos she was shifted until she could not see Hyunsik. Even though I missed the golden opportunity to take a good video of Hyunsik but I was very thankful that I got to see him close up even it was for half a minute.

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