Saturday, 23 December 2017

22 April 2017 - Breakfast from 쉬즈베이글 She's Bagel

Came here for my breakfast.
You may not see a queue here but I waited for about 15-20mins cos there were quite a few orders.
They probably ordered in advance.
I chose Bacon Corn Cheese Bagel instead of sandwich or muffin.
I chose the single size and regretted.
Isaac is still a lot better but I am willing to give this a second try by ordering the Quattro size.
It would be more satisfying I think or maybe I should have ordered the sandwich instead of bagel.
100% confirmed Isaac is still better.
The nearest station should be Hongik University Station, exit 9.
Will take less than 8 mins from exit 9 to reach.
"She's Bagel" is located along a rather steep slope as shown by the red line on the picture.

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