Sunday, 1 October 2017

15 April 2017 - Checking out 포장마차촌 Haeundae Food Cart Village

I took the subway to Haeundae Station, exit 5 to check out 포장마차촌 Haeundae Food Cart Village.  Took me about 15mins from exit 5 to reach the food cart village.
From the Food Cart Village, I walked over to The Bay 101, 더베이101, which took about 12mins walk.
It was really cold but there were still so many groups of people busking along the beach......
That was Haeundae Grand Hotel near the Food Cart Village.

Basically selling all the same seafood stuff.
My Korean friend told me prices are not very cheap but I did not check out the prices. 

That's Tokyo Inn Hotel in the background.

I read somewhere and it states the operating hour starts in the evening. 
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