Sunday, 1 October 2017

15 April 2017 - Checking out Songdo Skywalk 송도 구름산책로

Brought all my shopping back to my apartment before making my way to Songdo Skywalk ^^

Songdo Skywalk is at Songdo Beach. There is a bus from Nampo but I took bus no. 26 from Busan Station since I went back to my apartment to put my things. The bus stop to take bus no. 26 is near exit 7 of Busan station but there are 2 bus stops along the same stretch of road. Take the bus from the bus stop which is directly opposite the Busan KTX Station, and get off at Songdo Beach (송도해수욕장) bus stop. Takes about 2-3 mins to walk to the beach. 

Bus no. 26.

The bus stop is directly opposite KTX Busan Station.
Got on bus no.26 at 5.05pm. 
Alight at the stop, "Songdo Beach 송도해수욕장".
Not to worry, there is English translation ^^
Reached here at 5.25pm.
As you alight from the bus, walk towards the direction for Songdo beach as shown by the arrow.  
Look at the fog!
부산 냄새!!!!
I love it!!!
And the skywalk begins ..

Scared of heights and my legs felt like jelly as I looked down... 

I wonder is that the Coastal Walkway from Songdo Beach to Amnam Park.
I had planned to try that but it was getting late. 
Next time ^^

A closer look. 

I mentioned years ago, Songdo Beach is my favourite and it is still ^^
Songdo Marine Cable Car launched its new operation on 21 June 2017. Songdo Marin Cable Car originally began its business in 1964 and was closed down in 1988, and is now ready to re-launch its business under the new name Busan Air Cruise. A total of 39 cabins will carry its customers from Busan Songdo Beach’s eastern Songnim Park to the beach’s western Amnam Park, covering a distance of 1.62 km. Out of the 39 cable cars, 13 cabins consist of transparent floors and are referred to as Crystal Cabins
I took the bus from opposite side where I first got here.
This time, I took bus no. 9 at around 6.34pm.
I got off at Jagalchi Subway Station.

Blur picture cos I took a quick snap before I got off the bus.
The bus stop after Jagalchi Station is Nampo-dong.
Got off bus no. 9 at about 6.45pm and saw this PIFF Zone across the road.

The bus stop where I got off is near Jagalchi Station, exit 10.


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