Friday, 6 October 2017

16 April 2017 - Best 돼지국밥 I have ever ate!!

Breakfast time!!
I came to this popular eatery yesterday at around 10.30am but there was already a long queue formed, so I gave up. 
I came back again today at around 9am and there were already 8 people in the queue.
Saw quite a few people came with their luggages...Maybe because Busan KTX Station is nearby.

Operating hour : 8am-9.30pm.

My friend and her family reached around 8pm and were lucky to have the last serving!

Although the queue was long but the waiting time was quite ok because people eat and go.
They dun stay around to chit chat.
I waited about 20mins before getting in. 
돼지국밥, the first item on the menu.  

The kimchi was the best I have ever ate before ^^
As usual, I threw in everything ^^
So Sooooooooooooooo yummilicious!!
All the pork and rice soup tasted nice but I think this was the best I have ever ate!!
I could eat this for 3 meals a day!!
Arghhhhh......I want to go back to eat this nowwwwwwww ㅠㅠ
I left at 9.40am.
You can see that the queue is building up.
I will be back for sure!!!
From Busan Subway Station exit 10, it will take about 5mins walk.
You will see a lot of taxi queuing up in the area circled in purple. 
From exit 10, you walk towards these two buildings (just next to the long taxi queue)

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