Saturday, 7 October 2017

16 April 2017 - Nice cafe experience at 신기산업 ^^

I took the subway to Nampo Station, exit 6 and take the bus 9 from the bus stop, "영도대교" near there. 
Ok, where am I heading to?? 
There is a Tourist Information Centre near the bus stop as shown by the arrow on the right.
Lotte Dept is on the left, across the road.
The bus stop is indicated by no. 5 and Lotte Dept is circled in red.
I got on bus no.9 at 4.14pm and reached at around 4.34pm. The bus ride was so scary. Maybe becos of the steep curves, I felt more like I was riding on a roller coster and not a bus. Look out for the stop, I almost miss my stop becos nobody alighted and the bus driver was so fast. That's the cafe I wanted to check out ^^   Yay!! So happy to be able to come here. At that point of time, this cafe was one of the hottest spot in Busan. It is still in operation but I see few Koreans blog about it now lol 
I had my eyes on them for a long time!!
So envy!!
I think this is the bus stop to alight,"Lotte Nakcheondae 롯데낙천대".
Why do I say I think??? 
Cos I alighted one stop later but it was still not too bad. 
I just walked back.
Took me 5mins??
From this bus stop, the cafe was across the road, on the right.

The bus stop for the return trip is right outside the cafe.

Can't help but to envy those two.
I felt they had the premium seats ㅋㅋㅋ

My eyes still on their seats lol

This is lavender tea btw. I wonder why is it blue in color??
Was it supposed to be blue in color??
The food available was limited.
The crew told me the fruit cake is nice so I tried.
So so only...

There was a staff who helped to flag for the bus lol
Maybe becos the bus driver tends to miss this stop >_<
"영도대교", back to the same bus stop but this time, alight at the bus stop outside Lotte Dept.
Got on bus no, 9 at 5.07pm and reached here at 5.26pm.
Next stop is Nampo-dong.

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