Sunday, 15 October 2017

17 April 2017 - Back in Hongdae

Yesss.....Back in Hongdae once again lol
I feel sooooo at home the moment I stepped into this airbnb apartment.

There is a storeroom but no wardrobe.
I thought I would have a problem without a wardrobe but everything turns out well :)
This place is quite spacious compared to those that I have stayed before.
The storeroom.
That was a sofa bed I think. 

Well equipped.

I love my stay in this apartment alot because it was very comfortable and the location was very good for me.
The host was very nice, helpful and responsive.
Everything was very good until the last few days of my stay.
I came back to the apartment one night and saw water droplets at the ceiling above the fridge and inside the storeroom. There was only a few droplets but I informed the host right away.  My host apologised to me and told me she would come down to the apartment the very next day. Meanwhile, she requested me to let her know the situation again the next morning.  She also assured me if the leaks get worse, she will get me another place to stay. That very night, I realised I could not access to the wi-fi & TV but I did not inform my host as I did not think much about it.  I woke up the next morning and saw a big patch of dampness at the ceiling as shown above.  It was dripping more badly in the storeroom and I informed the host.  She was very embarrassed and I told her that she can come to the apartment anytime she wanted without my presence. 
And so my host came without my presence which I was absolutely fine with it. She went to the upper floor and found out that the water pipes at the upper floor broke and were repaired. Hence, the leaking stopped.  However, the repairman were still working on the internet and TV lines. I need not be present in the apartment as the repair took place outside the building. wi-fi and TV for me for the rest of my 3 days stay. In a way, I thought it was good that I got to rest early.  If not, I would be watching drama till late nights hahaha My host was very apologetic to me but I think nobody wanted this to happen.  She has done her best to respond to the problems unlike the host in Busan who never respond at all *roll eyes
I assured my host several times that I really like her apartment and she requested me not to leave any good/bad reviews cos she was too embarrassed by what had happened. She wanted to treat me to a meal before I fly back to Singapore but I told her it was really ok. So she bought me a big box of strawberries and a souvenir. Omg...she really dun have to..
Under normal circumstances, I will never ever go back to the same apartment. Guess what, I booked her apartment again for my upcoming Autumn trip! That is how much I liked her apartment ^^


  1. Hi Yun! How much is it per night? I have something to ask u about the Korean language class u took last time;how can I reach u? Hihi.

    1. Hi! Maaf...I baru got energy to check my email >_<
      here's the link for the airbnb
      my email is Tapi I not sure if i am of nay help cos I forgotten many things about it already ㅜㅜ

  2. Oh am going back in November too ! Just saw your dates and I go 1 day after you leave :)

    1. So jealous!! I wish I am still there lol