Sunday, 3 June 2018

5 Nov 2017 - Last but not last

I took bus no. 281 from a bus stop somewhere near the Dongmun Rotary but I couldn't remember which stop.
The bus was fully packed with 99% going to Jeju Bus Terminal...
I stood almost 95% of the journey.
Standing was ok for me but the bus driver made a lot of sharp turns which made me felt so giddy and nausea.
I got on the bus at 5.37pm and reached Jeju Bus Terminal at 6.48pm... was that long.
Anyway, this picture was taken along the coastal way in front of my airbnb.

Really really love it here.  
Its my last night on this beautiful island and I will miss this beautiful place lots.
But I will be back for sure. 꼭!
I went back to the eatery, 청도 which was near my airbnb to eat something light.
I ordered this fish, 옥돔 which was not on the menu and told the waiter that I do not want rice.
He asked if 10,000 won is ok.
Of course ok cos I just want to eat this fish.

Back at my airbnb for more eating!
I was really not hungry but just wanted to eat especially it was my last nite in Jeju.

Sinful yet so happy hahahaha

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