Friday, 15 June 2018

6 Nov 2017 - Back in Seoul

Came back here to collect my main luggage cos I left it at this Travel Centre in Hongik Univ Station before I flew off to Jeju. 
I think this was at exit 5.
And I booked back the same airbnb becos I really like this place a lot ^^

The host added this portable compartment shelves ^^

The ceiling was nicely patched up ^^
I really love this place soooo much despite of the ceiling leak and wifi down.
Love this place so much that I have already booked it for my Spring 2019!
It shows how much I love this place right ^^
Dinner at 크레이지카츠 Krazy Katsu ^^

I think I tried the Pork Sirloin & Tenderloin Tonkatsu.

This was really good but my pictures are not doing justice to them.
Check out this blog for more pictures

Quite easy to reach Krazy Katsu from Hapjeong Station, exit 8.
About 5 mins walk.

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