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7 Nov 2017 - Good breakfast

Came here for breakfast.
I think I took the longer way lol
Well, it was not that far from Euljiro 1-ga station, exit 1.
About 7 mins walk from exit 1 to this eatery.
Made a right turn into this lane and walk straight.
Make another right turn at "Parrish".
The eatery, "북어국집" is just next to "Parrish".
Came here becos it seems like a popular place among the locals.

They sell only one item,북어해창국 (Dried Pollack Soup).

My favourite, Buchu-kimchi 부추김치 ^^

I will usually try the original soup taste before adding the kimchi & buchu-kimchi.
The staff who brought me the food told me to mix this into the rice.
It tasted pretty good!
The mixture contained those salted shrimps (as shown in one of the pictures above), chopped spring onions and sesame oil.
So easy to make this at home ^^
Adding the kimchi and buchu kimchi into my soup ^^

Actually, I would still prefer the dried pollack soup at 황태해장국 but this
 was a healthy and nice meal too ^^

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