Sunday, 17 June 2018

7 Nov 2017 - The house in "사랑의 온도"

I love this drama so much and wanted to come here lol
Anyway, the house was in 연남동 Yeonnam-dong which was near where I stayed.
I could not find any website that states the exact location, I decided to try my luck by taking a stroll in Yeonnam-dong.
Indeed, I was very lucky to spot it ^^
Dunno what they are packing for.
When I came here, the drama was still on I think.

The playground was opposite the house.
To my surprise, I spotted something at the playground.
Approaching the playground..
Woooo....누구시지??  Who could it be??
No idea who the lady is...till now..
Ahhh...seated beside the lady was Super Junior, Donghae!
I almost couldn't recognise him cos he was really skinny!

Think I had double the luck ^^
First, I managed to locate the house.
Second, I saw Donghae.
It was a fruitful walk ^^
The house is about 10mins walk from Hongik Univ Station, exit 3.
Well, since it is a residential area.
Please do not disturb the peace if you are ever there.

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