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6 Nov 2017 - Sumptuous breakfast

I woke up early for my breakfast before flying to Seoul.
Kinda sad to leave here..
Walking along the coastal way to my breakfast place.

So surprised to see these high rise residentials in Jeju.

Took me about 10-15mins of leisure walk to reach here.
Came to this place becos it is popular.
So glad that they offered breakfast ^^

The first item on the menu, 전복 뚝배기 Abalone hotpot set for sure ^^
The second item, 
성게국, Sea Urchin Soup set (13,000 won) is also my favorite.
I was stunned when they brought out the food.
So sumptuous!
And this was only 15,000 won!!
Not 13,000 won as stated on the menu outside the eatery.
They did not update the menu outside lol

So so deliciousssssssss!!!!

I took out the abalones so that they will not get too tough.

The fish had a smell but still ok for me although I could not eat fish with fishy smell.
This was still ok for me becos it was fried. 
You can fry an egg here for your meal at no extra charge ^^

How nice right????
The owner does not monitor how many eggs you fry lol
But of course, dun be greedy and take advantage.

해녀잠수촌 is located in Yongdam area. 
About 10mins taxi ride from the airport. 

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