Friday, 2 August 2013

22nd April 2013 - Wish the day will never end...

We took the subway to 사당역 Sadang Station. Can't remember which exit.
It was my first time to visit this place. Thanks for bringing me here 재 ^^
There were many eateries and I couldn't decide what to eat ㄱㄱㄱ
Its the companion that matters more than the food!
Seldom see Korean eating mutton but they do.
After walking around, we settled on this restaurant. Initially, I thought of having 추어탕 Loach soup since I have not tried it before. It turned out that they serve 추어탕 only for lunch. 괜찮아요. Its the companion that matter most ^^ 

Its all healthy food!
We ordered 두부전골 Dubu jeongol ^^ 
I love hot soup with rice ^^
Thank you so much for the nice dinner and tea. Thank you so so much for making time to meet up with me. I feel bad to take up your personal time and time to rest, but a selfish part of me had secretly wished that time will stop, so that I don't have to say bye bye to you. You may not feel the same but I cherish every single moment with you. Please take good care of yourself. Be safe and be happy always. 내가 당신에게 그립다 말할때엔정말그리워서에요왜냐면   말을 오직당신에게만했거든요.


  1. yun yun, i wish you all the best in whatever you decide to pursue. of course, i hope that i can see couple shots of the two of you soon. but whatever it is, i hope that you, too, will always be happy and healthy. (:


    1. Yoz!! I hope and I wish ur wish to korea can be fulfilled real soon!! *fighting* ^^