Tuesday, 6 August 2013

24th April 2013 - Breakfast at Namdaemun

I took the subway to Hoehyeon Station, exit 5 for breakfast before checking out.

This is the place where I wanted to have my breakfast. I am always curious about this place whenever I pass by.The stacks of tray seem to be telling people that this is a popular eatery. This eatery is opposite the Kalguksu Alley. Direction to Kalguksu Alley as stated in my previous post, Namdaemun Kalguksu Alley.

The 아줌마 working here are perhaps from China.
I wouldn't know they are Chinese if they had not spoken Mandarin to me!  
What a surprise ^^
1) 손칼국수 Handmade noodles KRW5000

2) 냉면 Naengmyeon Cold noodles KRW5500

3) 쫄면 Jjolmyeon KRW5500. 
Click Aeriskitchen to see what is Jjolmyeon. Looks a bit like Bibim Guksu to me ㄱㄱㄱ 

4) 잔지국수 Janchi Guksu KRW5000. 
Click Topchefkorea to see how it looks like. Looks like our "Mee Suan" where its supposed to be eaten traditionally on birthdays. 잔지국수is also eaten during weddings, birthdays and festive events. Interesting ^^ 

5) 보리밥 Boribap KRW5500. 
From 10mag.com, I learnt that Boribap is a dish of steamed rice and barley that is often served with Doenjang Jjigae. I remembered eating Bori bibimbap at the Kalguksu Alley in my previous trip. It was delicious ^^ 

6) 찰밥 Chalbap KRW6000. 
From Aeriskitchen, I came to know that Chalbap is the stuffing used in Samgyetang. Something like sticky rice or rather glutinous rice. I wonder how is Chalbap served in this eatery. Could it be something like bibimbap in this case?? I don't know.

I ordered 손칼국수.  Looks good but I don't like it.
I preferred the noodles in the Kalguksu Alley.
Naengmyeon was served as a complimentary dish.

After I am done with my noodles, I walked over to Kalguksu Alley.
Nah...not to have another bowl of noodles.  I just wanna walk through this alley.

Bought a Kimchi mandu outside Kalguksu Alley.

Yum Yum!!
As good as before ^^

Hahahahaa...Guess what??  
I took the subway to Euljiro 1 ga for my Guma Guma again! 

Sweet Potato Latte....slurppp...I simple love it so much!!!
The sweet potato pastry or kueh was a bit too much for me though Hahahaaaa 
It was made of mainly sweet potato and I was so full.
Bought it becos the 아줌마 told me this is their top seller. 
I would prefer if 아줌마 had warmed it up for me. 
Alright, its time to go back to hotel for check out ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ


  1. Hi! It's me again =)
    You went to my favourite 칼국수 shop in Namdaemun! ^ ^ It is my must-go breakfast shop on my every trip back. I have not tried those at the Kalguksu Alley though =)

    1. Hi!! Really? Ur fav shop? Hahaaa I guess its individual's preference. Oct is not far away! Let's look forward to it!!

    2. Yeap, tried it the first time I went with my friend & loving it since.
      Counting down exactly 2 months now =)

    3. Exactly two mths from now?! Woww! I will be sooooo envious of u when I come back...cos u will still be there! Hahaaa

    4. Yes, exactly 2 mths!
      Haha...I'm sure you are looking forward to your less than 2 mths' trip now =)
      Oh, & the sweet potato latte, I cannot believe I have not tried it before! = ='
      A korean client of mine told me recently that I definitely have to try it, I guess even koreans love it ^ ^

    5. Believe a not. I didn't realise that my trip is less than 2 mths until I receive your comment! I am still busy planning out my itinerary. Too many makan places that I wanted to go hahahaha
      Oh ya, my Korean friends love sweet potato. I didn't felt the urge to try until my recent trip cos I am not a fan of sweet potato! But I changed my mind about sweet potato latte ever since I tried it ^^ Yes! U must try it!