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23rd April 2013 - Nice ending for last day in Seoul....

All in hangul??

Fear not.
The menu is also available in English ^^

The place was not as bright as you see in my pictures.
It was actually quite dim and in orange light settings. Just like a pub.
I brighten the pictures so that its clearer to see.

Yesterday, 재 was telling me about Okinawa and suddenly I saw so many Okinawa dishes here!  
What a coincidence. 
We ordered Venus High Ball and Okinawa High Ball. 
Emily said she felt the kick ㄱㄱㄱ

I ordered Okinawa Home Meal.

Okinawa Shrimp Cheese Gratin and Spicey Garlic Chicken *Spicy ㄱㄱㄱ

Okinawa High Ball and Venus Mojito.
Not bad. Nice.

This was the best Spicy Garlic Chicken 스파이시갈릭치킨 I ever ate.
진짜 맛있네!!!  
It was not spicy at all. The garlic was so delicious and fragrant!
Emily agreeds with me too. 
Please order this dish if you come here!!
I think this is also a popular dish recommended by many Koreans.

오키나와 새우 치즈 그라탕 Okinawa Shrimp Cheese Gratin.
Very cheesy and comes with lots of shrimps!
Surprisingly, it has Tteok in it or was that Sujebi??
I am neither a fan of tteok 떡 nor a fan of Sujebi 수제비 but Emily likes it.
We could only finish half of this dish becos it gets a bit too much if you know what I mean.
In Malay, it means 
Finish this while its still hot or warm at least.

오키나와  가정식 Okinawa Home Meal ^^
Those who loves fatty pork aka "Kong Ba" in Hokkien will loves this.
Very homely meal indeed ㅎㅎㅎ
The waiter who took our order had a look in his eyes. 

Nope. He is not rude but probably thinking where are these foreigners from..
Omggg...They are such big eaters 
The waiters were quite surprise when they knew we are not locals.
In fact, they looked quite excited to see foreigners Hahahaa
By the way, if you like cute Korean guys, please come and check out this place 

Home made Sangria and Venus High Ball.
Emily said this is one of the best Sangria she ever had ^^
Ehh...What is that Kikkoman soy sauce doing in the background?
Hahahaaaa...I only realise it when I upload this picture.

I looked up by chance and realised the ceiling was beautifully lit up ^^
*Picture taken using S3

The washroom is on the second floor.
*Picture taken using S3

I think there are 3 levels but only two levels were opened up when I was there.
*Picture taken using S3

Some decors.
*Picture taken using S3

More decors.
*Picture taken using S3

Venus Kitchen 

I think the manager was trying to tell us they have a few outlets under different names but same management in the vicinity. I think so but I could not really remember what he said ㅎㅎ  I like the ambiance here and will come back again.  Please come here if you happen to be in Hongdae.

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